Prehospital emergency research paper

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Beyond 911: State and Community Strategies for Expanding the Primary Care Role of First Responders

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PCRF Research Podcasts

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The Prehospital Care Research Forum is dedicated to fostering and improving research in EMS. Below you will find select podcasts discussing current research that affects EMS. End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitoring During CPR: A Predictor of Outcome. by Jinhee Nguyen, RN MSN. Introduction In the emergency department (ED), critical management of the patient’s airway, ventilation and chest compression requires the utmost effort and sophisticated technology to maximize successful cerrajeriahnosestrada.comimately $1 billion is spent on emergency department and in-hospital care.

The effect of family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the family members themselves and the medical team remains controversial. We.

JC The REVERT trial: Dip or doom for SVT in the Emergency Department?

The Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) is responsible for planning and coordinating an effective and efficient statewide EMS system.

Our programs and services are designed to assure quality prehospital patient care, from when the call is received by the center to the delivery of the patient to the trauma center or hospital. Intranasal Naloxone for acute opiate overdose: Reducing needle stick risk, improving time to medication delivery Table of Contents: Introduction to intranasal naloxone (click here).

Prehospital emergency research paper
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Intranasal opiates and ketamine for acute chronic and breakthrough pain