How to write a research paper discussion section

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How to write the results and discussion

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Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: The Discussion

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The introduction describes why the results needed to be obtained, the methods how they were obtained and the discussion explains the results.

Writing a Discussion Section

Things to Avoid When Writing the Discussion Overinterpretation of the Results Unwarranted Speculation Inflating the Importance of the Findings Tangential Issues The “Bully Pulpit” Conclusions That Are Not Supported by the Data Summary Explaining the meaning of the results to the reader is the purpose of the discussion section of a research paper.

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How to Write a Good Discussion Section

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post in the comment box below, email us at [email protected] or reach out to us through our Contact Us page. In this critical part of the research paper, you start the process of explaining any links and correlations apparent in your data.

If you left few interesting leads and open questions in the results section, the discussion is simply a matter of building upon those and expanding them. Most journal-style scientific papers are subdivided into the following sections: Title, Authors and Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, and Literature Cited, which parallel the experimental process.

This is the system we will use. Keep the following sequential points in mind as you organize and write the discussion section of your paper: Think of your discussion as an inverted pyramid. Organize the discussion from the general to the specific, linking your findings to the literature, then to theory, then to practice [if appropriate].

How to write a research paper discussion section
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How to Write Guide: Sections of the Paper