How has conflict impacted afghanistan

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Afghanistan: the human cost of war

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How Has Conflict Impacted Afghanistan

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10 years in Afghanistan: the data showing how the country has changed

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The report: the conflict has impacted on the local communities in which Afghans, Pakistanis and members of the armed forces live in the UK. Conflict has affected Afghanistan a lot and has also caused the intervention of other nations so that the war will be prolonged.

IN my opinion, the most important factor that is being affected is the GDP, because if the economy is being affected negatively, the amount of money will decrease and so will a lot of the important things Afghanistan.

Jan 29,  · Afghanistan has been at constant war, and is still in one today known as the "Afghan War". Due to constant war, Afghanistan's health care, economy, and education has been devastated, but how did the war really effect Afghanistan?

How has the Afghan War affected Afghanistan? Posted by kojoshi on January 29. The events of September 11, in the United States and the subsequent conflict in Afghanistan have affected human lives around the world.

The international community is preparing for the impact of these actions, and there has been much discussion about potential consequences and repercussions of the new war now being waged in Afghanistan.

Jun 09,  · As prisoners are exchanged and the combat portion of the long and exhausting U.S.

The Conflict in Afghanistan

involvement in the war in Afghanistan winds down, the brazen. Jan 29,  · Afghanistan has been at constant war, and is still in one today known as the “Afghan War”.

Due to constant war, Afghanistan’s health care, economy, and education has been devastated, but how did the war really effect Afghanistan? Long before the Afghan War, Afghanistan was still a LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country).

How has conflict impacted afghanistan
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