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Modern Filipino Cuisine, Versatile and Viable, Is Quietly Having A Moment

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Our subsidiaries continued to record new performance milestones, surpassing everyone’s expectations. Officially, Filipino is defined by the Commission on the Filipino Language (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino in Filipino or simply KWF) as "the native dialect, spoken and written, in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, and in other urban centers of the archipelago.".

Important Inventors. Discover the men and women behind some of the most famous inventions and innovations of history. Research almost any famous historical or current inventor with these biographies, A-to-Z charts, photo galleries, and timelines.

Filipino Americans (Filipino: Mga Pilipinong Amerikano) are Americans of Filipino descent. The term Filipino American is sometimes shortened to Fil-Ams or Pinoy. The earliest appearance of the term Pinoy (feminine Pinay), was in a issue of the Filipino Student Bulletin.

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Some Filipinos believe that the term Pinoy was coined by Filipinos who came to the United States to distinguish. Kami po ay mga mag-aaral ng Filipino 2 na kasalukuyang nagsusulat ng isang pamanahong papel tungkol sa Epekto ng Sistemang 60% Passing Rate Basis sa mga Mag-aaral ng Kursong Arkitektura.

The First “Filipinos” Many historians and scientists believe that the first inhabitants of the Philippine islands emerged during the Pleistocene period.

Filipino research
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